Sector Group Session – what’s going on in your sector?

During the program on Thursday 3rd September in the afternoon you will have the opportunity to discuss what’s going on in your sector with colleagues. Some ideas for discussion maybe:

  • What various roles do you perform in your workplace?
  • Client services : What services do you provide? How do you provide them?  How could they be improved?
  • Professional development issues
  • What skills would you like to gain?
  • New technologies or innovations which could be, or are already, employed in your sector.
  • New approaches to managing: tasks; clients; staff
  • Staffing issues :  Workplace restructure or change; Evolving position descriptions; The redefining of the role played by Library and Information Technicians

We hope these session will encourage you all to think broadly about anything you consider of interest or importance and will be informative to all involved.