Beverley Walsh & Prue Senior

Open All Hours: 24/7 in an 8 hour world


Libraries today are facing increasing demands for services, and constantly need to demonstrate their relevance and viability in an era of declining budgets. This paper will discuss the benefits of 24/7 access as a way of thriving, rather than simply surviving, within such an environment. Designed to positively assist delegates considering implementing or expanding access during unstaffed hours, it will also provide solutions for streamlining related processes.

Topics covered will include:
• Different models of 24/7 access (e.g. self-service check-ins and access to physical collections).
• The benefits of 24/7 access (e.g. increased gate count statistics and favourable client feedback).
• An example of a streamlined online 24/7 electronic access card application system.
• Refreshment stations and vending machines.
• Work Health and Safety (WHS), security and cleaning issues.
• Silent zones.


With over half a century of library experience between them (and still both under the age of 50!), Library Technicians, Beverley and Prue, work in Client Services at the University of Tasmania’s Launceston Campus Library where they strive to push the boundaries of excellence in service delivery.





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