Mylee Joseph

New ways of looking and sharing: library professionals engaging in a rapidly changing world


While the pundits continue to speculate about the “future of libraries”, library professionals are busy doing what they do best – adapting to the changing needs and expectations of the communities they serve, exploring emerging technologies and finding ways to collect and preserve new formats and real time information.

This presentation explores the impact of some changing client behaviours including new ways of looking for information and new ways of sharing information on different types of libraries and how library professionals are engaging with change.


Mylee Joseph is a library industry specialist with a diverse background working in research and public libraries in New South Wales. In the Public Library Services team at the State Library of NSW, she provides advice on policy, strategy and operational matters to the NSW public library network. Her interests include library services for young people and seniors; repositioning libraries to meet the changing needs of their communities; building digital engagement skills in library teams using social media tools and integrating mobile technology into delivering library services. From 2012-2014 she led the Innovation Project for the State Library of NSW, trialling social media tools for service delivery and digital engagement with the community. In collaboration with Jan Holmquist, a Danish librarian, Mylee created the original English language edition of 23 Mobile Things exploring the potential of mobile technologies for delivering library services.




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