Nicola Carson & Heather McLenaghan

The Devil’s in the Detail – operating a 24×7 library


Curtin University clients have been interested for many years in the Library providing more access to the physical building along with services. In 2013 the Library building underwent a major refurbishment to cater for these needs. Once complete it was possible to position the Library towards a stage by stage progressive journey towards a 24×7 model. At the beginning of 2015 we have achieved what was once considered unattainable, a Library open 24 hours a day.

This presentation follows the journey from the traditional Full Service model to the flexible 24×7 Limited Services model in use today and highlights the opportunities and challenges faced, resulting in an overwhelmingly positive reception.

When considering the changes necessary to achieve our objective we had to take into account the issues of an aging building; the staffing considerations (who, what, when, where and why) and also the traditional mindsets of what a library is there for.

While the student experience is providing an environment conducive to their study needs, casual spaces to relax and recharge are also available. Library staff support their overnight needs and a security officer provides the safe and secure surrounds.

Over the last 18 months we have implemented and reviewed our model, and while it will ever evolve we think that we have achieved best practice.


Heather McLenaghan is presently employed in the role of Senior Technician Client Support in the Library at Curtin University. She has been with the Curtin University Library for 24 years in various roles, Library Assistant, Supervising Library Assistant, Library Technician and Senior Library Technician across the Technical Services and Enquiry and Lending Services areas. During this time Heather has been involved in the implementation of 3 Library Management Systems and seen many changes to the Librarys collections, the physical environment and the way Curtin deliver services to our clients.

Nicola Carson has been involved in the library profession since 2003, gaining her Technician Diploma in 2006. After working in public and school libraries Nicola started my academic library career at Curtin University in 2008 as a Technician. She has worked in various areas, supervising 30 casual staff, document delivery and LMS projects officer, all within the Enquiries and Lending Services team. Nicola is currently filling a Senior Technician role involved in the implementation and ongoing development of the Alma LMS focusing on Resource Delivery covering Fulfillment and Resource Sharing. She graduated with a BA, Librarianship and Corporate Information in 2014.




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