Renate Beilharz

Cataloguing standards are evolving – still


Just when you thought you had your cataloguing standards all under control, there’s a new one lurking in the wings … BIBFRAME.

Two years ago, the cataloguing community embraced Resource Description and Access (RDA) as a new cataloguing standard. The dust is settling, workflows have evolved to accommodate RDA standards; Machine Readable Cataloguing (MARC) has been adapted to carry RDA data and library management systems have been updated.

Meanwhile, the Library of Congress has been working on the Bibliographic Framework Initiative, BIBFRAME. BIBFRAME is being developed to replace MARC as the standard to represent and exchange bibliographic data in the digital information environment. In conjunction with RDA, BIBFRAME will ensure that bibliographic data is able to integrate with and engage in the wider information community.

This presentation will raise awareness of BIBFRAME, explaining the underpinning concepts and explore the benefits and implications for resource discovery systems and standards. BIBFRAME is still under development, but it behoves all who are interested in resource discovery to be aware of what is happening. By being informed, all information workers can be a part of the evolving cataloguing and information discovery landscape.


Renate Beilharz worked as teacher-librarian in secondary schools for twenty years. She worked part-time with SCIS, before settling into full-time teaching Library and Information Studies at Box Hill Institute. Renate finished a Master of Information Studies in 2014 and still loves teaching cataloguing.



Paper Powerpoint

Workshop Paper

Workshop Powerpoint


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