Shane Gould

Swimming Information and libraries : a fluid connection


Swimming is a sensory dense activity which is impossible to describe and collate comprehensively, no matter how many measurements are scientifically recorded. Ephemeral, moment to moment stimuli animate perceptions, many of them in the emotional realm and below consciousness. How do you deal with this data? In addition some people are more attuned to and aware of the sensational information coming to them, providing them with a bigger library of understanding. However it is quite clear what a swimming experience is, for which there are metaphors, and words to share it. What has this got to do with the fate and function of libraries in the 21st century? I’m not sure entirely, but I do know that the terms information, perception and fluidity may have some clues.


An advocate of lifelong learning, Shane completed a Masters of Environmental Management at University of Tasmania in 2010. Her thesis was on the Social uses of Public outdoor swimming pools. Not content with that, she completed a photomedia Masters of Contemporary Art (June 2012) at the UTAS Academy of Arts Launceston. Shane Gould MBE, takes her place in Australia’s sporting heritage as one of the worlds greatest female swimmers. She swam at the Munich 1972 Olympics, and is still the only woman ever to win 5 individual medals. Shane is on the board of directors of the Devil Island Project (part of Save the Devil program) and Against Malaria Foundation. She is ambassador for Bluearth, promoting physical activity for children.