Workshop – Engaging with BIBFRAME

BIBFRAME is being developed to replace MARC as the standard to represent and exchange bibliographic data in the digital information environment. This session complements the Cataloguing standards are evolving – still presentation (held Thursday morning).

This practical workshop will introduce participants to BIBFRAME tools, in particular BIBFRAME editor and BIBFRAME comparison service. These tools, created by Library of Congress for implementation and testing, will give participants the opportunity to compare MARC and BIBFRAME records, as well as creating BIBFRAME records from scratch.

This workshop is most suited to anyone interested in metadata or cataloguing; an understanding of basic MARC and cataloguing standards is beneficial. Participants are asked to bring their own wifi enabled devices.


Renate Beilharz worked as teacher-librarian in secondary schools for twenty years. She worked part-time with SCIS, before settling into full-time teaching Library and Information Studies at Box Hill Institute. Renate finished a Master of Information Studies in 2014 and still loves teaching cataloguing

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